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17 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm
i'm so bad at this.  
this meaning keeping up with posting. XD i'm still alive, still avoiding capitalization, and still lacking a working computer of my own (which is one of the main reasons why i'm still so lazy with posting.)

let's see, i'll go through the noteworthy things that have happened to me since i've last posted. not that i think anyone will really read this, but whatever.

in the last post, i was whining about how mike has just broken up with me the second time. he left me for sam, again. very shocking, i know. since then, we haven't talked so much. he tried to get me back around may, i refused. the main reason for that would be cush. stephen cushley to be exact, but i like his nickname better. we got together just when i was getting over mike, and he's the awesome guy-version of me. this is where i'm not going to spout out an epic mushy love poem of doom. :D be glad, because it would probably suck a lot.

since my computer being completely dead since last october or so, i still haven't gotten a new one. i was planning on saving up for a macbook, but since i'm only making so much money i have to put it away to pay for college in september. which is still a little iffy at the moment. i might wait until springtime, so i can safely afford all of it. my lack of transportation to and from classes is also another reason i'm thinking of putting it off. it all depends on the rest of the summer, which isn't a lot of time to sort things out.

i've been slacking on everything. everything being writing, fanfiction, fandom, bandom, graphic design, etc. everything i used to do while sitting on my ass in front of my computer all day. it kind of makes me sad that i don't have the time or means to do any of it anymore, but part of me knows that if i got back into it, i wouldn't leave my house. i would sit here all day on LJ XD and never ever leave.

i'm working at the boardwalk again this summer, and i'm there practically every day of my life. all day. i really like working there, it's fun. just not 24/7. it leaves me no time for anything else, or anyone else.

i'm still going to rocky horror picture show every friday night. XD it's a lot of fun. i really hated not going in the winter because i was so broke from not working. now i'm there every week again. it also helps that cush is in the cast so i get to see him in drag every friday. :D

i'm off to vacation again, leaving tomorrow at 9:30AM. XD that's what time the plane leaves, so me and chris have to be there two hours earlier. XD i'm going to be up late for rocky anyway, so i'm just going to stay up. this reminds me of last year, the night before we left for vacation to florida, my brother took me to rocky my very first time. we stayed out at IHOP until about 8AM and then went straight on the plane. XD this year we're headed to colorado, which only makes me think of 3OH!3 and have the urge to listen to Colorado Sunrise while watching one. i have to go and make coffee for the madre as usual, and then cush is picking me up. so my little LJ recap of the past few months of my life is done for now. :D but whenever i get a chance i will post again and talk about work some more, i didn't even get into this year's foreigners. XD and there's a LOT to say about a couple of them. XD
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