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28 November 2009 @ 02:59 am
another random update.  
so i'm currently sitting in cush's room with him and james watching them play call of duty. i'm full beyond belief, mostly because i just ate another slice of pumpkin pie with the most delicious homemade whipped cream. i went through two dinners today, one at cush's around 5ish, then another at my house around 7. the food was all so good but now my stomach hates me.

i have work tomorrow 12-8, which is probably not going to be very fun. work on a daily basis lately has been hectic and it's only going to get worse as christmas gets closer. taking pictures of small screaming children and dealing with bitchy screaming parents is not really appealing on any other day though. hopefully it will be a good day with allura laurian and john there though. we always manage to have a good time. i also have work 12-8 on saturday, and those two days in a row are killer. i don't know if i'm going to be at rocky this friday or not since cush is taking a couple months off of cast and he's not planning on going. i'll find something to do though, i always do.

i have to find some time this weekend to do my homework though, i'm missing a lot of essays for class. i need to write 3 essays for english, and i know i have to catch up on a lot for history, anthropology, and psych. all my classes pretty much. XD i'm so bad at this, but i'm trying to be good and at least make it to all my classes. skipping is a bad habit.

i need to think of something good to get cush for his birthday on monday, i've already given him a pair of gloves (which he pretty much just stole from me), and i told him i'd take him out to get his piece fixed finally. i also got a 3D nightmare before christmas poster for myself and he commandeered that one too. he's already planning on where to hang it on his wall. then i have to think of something for christmas in less than a month.

i'm in the mood to download some music, so i can have a better selection on my phone to listen to. i really need to buy an ipod soon, along with my macbook for school. i can just never seem to find the time to do all of this.

adios for now, i'll update again sometime soon.