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29 March 2009 @ 04:43 pm
and i'm sick.  
Much much fun. I stayed home on Thursday, but had to go to school Friday so I would be allowed to go to Angela's birthday party that day. I went to the boardwalk after school with Paige Mary and Bri, they all got hired and I told Hank I was coming back to work there again. I was supposed to go to Babies-R-Us with Mary to get a present for Jess, but her mom couldn't drive us. Then I met up with Mike, and we went to Angela's for the party. It was a lot of fun, and I still think that chocolate fountains are the best inventions ever. Mike came home with me and I convinced my mom to let him stay over for once. We stayed up super late, but of course I woke up by twelve. If I had been actually thinking and had not been distracted by him, I could have gone to Jess's baby shower at three. But instead I totally forgot it was Saturday, and thought it was Sunday. So we just hung around for a while until he went home, then I realized I was really late. I told Jess I couldn't make it, but I would drop off the present after my brother got his car jumped. I got a cute little blanket at Kohl's and dropped it off at her house. Vinny was there with her and I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn't. Then I stayed home and watched some tv with my mom before heading to bed. Woke up today still feeling sick, and I really need to steal that Vick's stuff from Mike so I can breathe. My computer's still not working, so I'm getting on my dad's whenever I can. It's been almost six months since it stopped working, and I'm surprised I'm not more upset about it. I was in the beginning, but I guess it's better for me to not be sitting on the computer all day anyway. Only now I'm usually sitting around watching tv with my mom all day. XD Like I am right now. America's Next Top Model marathons are on every Sunday, all day long. :D