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22 June 2010 @ 07:56 pm
strawberry fruit snacks.  
i'm lounging around on my bed on cush's laptop which he left with me for the day, sort of as a bribe to clean up my room. XD it's looking a little better, i can actually see the floor so that's a start. so it's about time for another random update on my life.

still no computer of my own, obviously since i'm using cushy's. i really miss photoshop, but i'm working on commandeering it from john and putting it on this computer. i'm currently not in school, since i fucked up last fall. i took the spring & summer semesters off and am planning on going back in september hopefully, though that all depends on financial aid. i missed the renewal date for the grant that chris and i both got. so i'm not sure if they'll pay for it. if not then i'll just have to wait. i'm working at the portrait studio with john and allura, and the boardwalk as well when i can manage. i don't want to work a million hours at the boardwalk as usual, and it's easier to do that when i have another job to blame it on. XD

cush and i have been dating for almost 15 months now, and it's the most awesome thing i've ever experienced. i feel like half a person without him, and i would really love to move out with him. we want to by the end of this year, but it all depends on money. i really need to start saving my money instead of spending it on silly things like i usually do. this year has sped by, it's already more than halfway through. i don't know how this always ends up happening to me, i don't pay attention and time flies right by me.

i really have to jump in the shower, i'm sweaty and gross from cleaning before and cush's coming to pick me up soon. so adios for now, and i'm sure i'll update this in another couple months. XD not that anyone really reads it, but that's okay. :]
Current Music: mayday parade - black cat.